Not using high quality images (shot in house or with a photographer)


With how important social media is it is critical that you have a professional looking account both in the content and messaging you’re sharing and MOST importantly in the images you use.

How this negatively impacts your brand:

As they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover… Well in social media, that’s exactly how you are judged!  People make their first impression of YOUR brand by looking at your Instagram grid (the grid are the top 9 pictures (see image below). It is critical you have high quality images (ideally professionally shot) or else shot with the below elements:

o   Bright lite (day light shots or brightly lit shots) do 50% better than dark night time shots where it’s hard to see what you’re sharing.

o   Consistent styling: Be consistent with your styling.

o   Are you using the same plates, glass wear and silver wear in each shot of your restaurant’s food?

o   Black and white images vs. color (pick one direction and stick with it). Don't do mostly color and then weave in a black and white occassionally. 

o   In some shots do you include a cork in the bottle and other times not? Whatever style you prefer is fine, just stick with it.