How to Build a Successful Instagram Ad Campaign

Creating a successful Instagram Ad Campaign can sometimes be costly, however, keep in mind that spending a lot of money on an Instagram Ad Campaign does NOT guarantee the success of the campaign. This is why it is crucial for brands to budget wisely and produce creative ads for their audience.

Below are 5 Tips on how to build a successful Instagram Ad Campaign:

  1. Identify prior successful Instagram Posts with high engagement

    With an Instagram business account, you have the access to view the engagement for each post including views, comments, saves, etc… Check these metrics to determine what posts are performing well and try building your next campaign based on that information. By taking prior campaign results and successes, you will help create another successful Instagram post (this time an Advertised one) hopefully generating similar strong results while maximizing the advertising budget to the fullest.

  2. Create a custom audience list prior to the launch of your Instagram Advertising Campaign

    Instagram Ad Campaigns start at $5 per day, so be sure you are targeting the right audience as you’re spending this on your ad. Rather than targeting a random audience, be smart and build your customer list based on your location, the age of your target audience, their gender, hobbies. Campaigns see the strongest results when using a custom audience list using Facebook Ads Manager and the Instagram Business Profile option.

  3. Promote audience engagement by using hashtags

    It is important to include a hashtag strategy in your campaign. Start a new hashtag that your audience can use in their personal Instagram posts such as #EmilyMartinNYC Events. This is a great easy way to instantly increase audience engagement and mention in your ad campaign for followers to include your custom hashtags in their post. Incentivizing with a prize or giveaway is great way to get followers to use your custom hashtag.

  4. Determine the campaign length of time

    Some campaigns will run for the long-term and the others will be more short-term. Your brand should have different timelines for different campaigns. Select the end date for each campaign in order to stay on track and be more motivated. Sometimes a few shorter campaigns (for example: $25 for 1 week, vs $100 for 4 weeks) makes sense so you can make adjustments to the budget, audience… vs. committing to a month campaign with a $100 spend that you can’t adjust and react to as information and results come in.

  5. Explore other Ad Mediums than Instagram exclusively

    Once you have created a successful campaign on Instagram, consider using it on other platforms as well such as Google Ad Words, Facebook, Linked In…. This is a great way to save money and potentially reach other customers (possibly not on Instagram) and potentially save budget (as you can spend less than $5 a day on other mediums such as Google AdWords, LinkedIn…)