How To Create a Beautiful and Engaging Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the most crucial social media platforms for your brand. Having a beautiful and engaging Instagram account is very important for your brand and followers. It is no doubt that high-quality Instagram posts will get your audience to engage more and help your brand grow further. Even if you don’t have professional photographers or images, there are plenty of ways to curate your Instagram account beautifully.

Here are FOUR tips how you can create a beautiful and engaging Instagram account:

  1. Content Planning

    Before you start posting contents on your Instagram account, think about what your overall theme is and what your followers would like to see. If you can identify what your audience’s need is, you can start content planning around it, which will increase positive engagement.

    Then, you need to lay out specific pictures you want to post. Make sure you have plenty of pictures with various different stories/themes to help create an exciting (both visually and with variety of content) Instagram feed.

  2. Stock Images

    Unlike popular beliefs that stock images have a bad reputation, they can be a great tool to mix with other photos on your Instagram. Unsplash offers variety of images for free.

  3. Mix Up Photos and Videos

    It is important that your Instagram feed has diverse contents in different forms. Instagram offers users to post up to 10 images or videos in one post, so make sure you are taking full advantage of the function!

  4. Hashtags. Hashtags. Hashtags.

    Hashtags are definitely one of the first things you should do to grow engaging followers. Popular hashtags should be an essential part of your posts. You can use up to 30 hashtags in a post so do your research and make sure you are using the 30 best hashtags. Adding hashtags will increase the exposure of your content to new audience, which increases the chance of your brand’s Instagram account growing bigger and faster.