10 Tips to Improve The Performance of Your Google Ads


How you advertise your brand is crucial to your brand’s success. Using both traditional and digital marketing appropriately can help your business reach and wide variety of audiences; however, knowing how to get the maximum exposure on the web ultimately determines the performance.

Here are 10 Tips to improve performance of your google ads:

  1. Make sure the placement of your ads is accurate

    The ads themselves might be appealing and have great content, but paying for an ad is not effective if you are not placing them where they’ll be found. Something to think about is whether you want to pay to be on page one of the google search. Keep in mind if your ads are not on page one of the search, the chances of your potential finding them and then customer clicking them decrease significantly. You can control this with how much you set as your CPC (cost per click). Google will tell you the price to be on the first page of the search (which we recommend using as your CPC).

  2. Review your keywords

    Having the right keywords is probably the most important element within google ad words. If you’re a winery in Napa and you’re keyword doesn’t include #NapaWinery #NapaWineries you’re missing people finding you using appropriate keywords. Review keywords regularly (we suggest every two weeks) that are being used and make changes to them. You can play around with them and keep updating based on the analytics. You can also PAUSE a keyword if it’s seasonal such as #summerwedding or anything you only want to market during certain times of the year. That way you keep the data and can resume that keyword when you’re ready.

  3. Utilize negative keywords

    Be sure you’re not attracting the wrong kind of customers. For example if you’re a luxury event planner, use negative keyworkds such as #budgetevents #affordableevents to deter people on a budget from seeing your ads. There is no need to waste your ad money on people not looking for your services!

  4. Create an interesting headline

    Having an interesting headline for your ads will get your audience’s attention and make them want to read. Try to avoid asking questions that you already know answers to.

  5. Choose the right time for your ads

    When you present the ads are in fact as important as the content itself. Knowing the prime time for your ads will be the key to increase exposure and draw the most success out of them. If you’re a catering company and you’re open from 9:00am - 5:00pm consider having your ad run only during business hours so when people click the CALL button they reach you. Little things like this can make a difference and keep customers happy vs. them calling you and getting a voice mail.

  6. A picture is worth a thousand words

    Instead of having a text-full ad, including visuals are more effective. Try to show the context of your ads through appropriate videos or photos.

  7. Utilize Google Analytics

    Set up your Google Analytics account and link it with your AdWords to collect data of profit, performance, etc. It is an easy and useful way to get interpretations on the performance of your ads.

  8. Be smart your GoogleAd Budget

    This goes back to the importance of tracking and analyzing. If one of yours ads is not creating high conversion (clicks) pause it and focus on the ads that are resulting in website visits (if that’s your goal). For google AdWords to work you need to monitor it (we suggest at least every other week) reviewing results, tweaking and analyzing what’s working for you.

  9. Keep records of your ad performance

    Tracking the performance of your ads can create a useful database of information for the future for your brand. Your company will utilize the insights to boost or make changes to the existing ads and create strategy moving forward about your AdWords budget, promoted ads on other platforms (such as Facebook andInstagram). Information is key to analysis.

  10. Focus on strengthening your brand’s image

    Your company should not only present the ads, but also work on generating brand awareness and try to build a positive brand awareness. By enhancing your brand awareness, customers will have a better understanding of the company and the ads.