5 Best Networking Tips

One of the most important jobs of a marketer or a publicist is to know how to network at any type of event. Being present at an industry conference or event provides great opportunities to network with other people in the industry, media, and potential new clients. Knowing how to properly approach people and add them to your network will help you grow your brand and expand your network. Here are 5 Best Networking Tips:

  1. Set a goal for each event you are attending

    When you get a chance to attend an event, make sure you know WHAT you want to achieve. Your goal could be anything from socializing and meeting new people in the industry to connecting with a specific person at the event. Setting a goal beforehand will help focus on achieving that goal rather than attend an event with no set agenda or goal to get out of it.

  2. Do your homework (research) prior to an event

    Before you approach someone for networking purposes, do your research and have multiple conversation topics in your head. Have a specific question in mind about their business or compliment them on a recent accomplishment they’ve achieved making it clear you did your homework and are familiar with what they’re up to. This will not only make your conversation smooth and well-tailored, but this shows to the person that you care about them and “did your homework”.

  3. Master your own brand

    Make sure you know your own business and be confident about it. Have a 30-60o second elevator pitch well rehearsed so if someone asks what you do, you can answer confidently and clearly. Also this elevator pitch may vary depending on your audience. If you do both Marketing & Events if you’re talking to someone who mentions having marketing needs focus on your Marketing experience. Tailor each conversation about your brand to that specific audience.

  4. Introduce yourself to the host early on during an event

    Introduce yourself to the host of the event (early on in an event), which is both respectful, since they’re the host who invited you and will allow them to make any suggestions such as “let me introduce you to XXX he’s in a similar field”, or “you must meet XXX”. The hosts have connection to everyone at the event and there is a great chance they might introduce you to the person you always wanted to network with. It will make the networking process much easier for you and show how appreciative you are to the host for inviting you to the event.

  5. Don’t forget to follow up after the event

    Once you have successfully networked with people, follow up with them within a few days. Follow up emails that will help them remember you better, mentioning memorable topics in your conversation to enhance the relationship you just developed.